The Wheels On The Bus Lyrics for Long Road Trips

There are certain songs that kids love and parents love to hate. But as any good parent would, you bear it because your child is having a great time singing it, and best of all, it’s keeping them from dying of boredom on a long road trip.

Although listening to your children sing songs like John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, and The Wheels On The Bus lyrics for hours may seem like an impossible task, it’s a sacrifice you have to make if you want to be able to take your kids on long trips like this.

If you don’t think you can stand listening to your children sing these songs on repeat in the car, you have one other option…

Singing Along with Your Children

As much fun as your kids will have singing in the car and getting on your last nerve, they would like it even more if you joined in on the song. Rather than resist them, embrace the annoyance of the songs and join in with them.

Your children will love watching and singing these songs with you. You can have fun and make it an interactive experience for them. Examine your surroundings and come up with your own phrases to add to the song as you drive. Think of things that they enjoy and incorporate them into the verses as you sing with them.

Ask your children if they have any favorites before you go on your trip. If they don’t, pick out a song and work on it with them. They will love learning a new song with you and being able to sing it loudly out the windows as you embark on your long road trip together as a family.

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