Nursery Rhyme Lyrics and Visuals That Your Child Will Love – Yankee Doodle Dandy

Nursery rhymes are a great tool to use to introduce your child to the English language in a fun way. The words, combined with the animation in a nursery song and video makes it easy for the child to enjoy their experience time and time again.

You can have fun with your toddler by teaching the words and singing along with them. You can play a game by singing along and stopping to see if your child knows the last word in the line after the rhyme.

Teaching Your Children to Learn at a Young Age

Short songs like the classic “Yankee Doodle Dandy”, are a great way to introduce children to their first stories. These will show them how much fun singing and reading along can be. This creates a positive experience for them that they will take with them as they grow older.

To take it one step further, Mum Mum TV combines these great lyrics with animation and video that will keep your child engaged the whole way through.

Songs like these will help your child gain a passion for reading and learning at an early age. They can carry this new-found passion with them as they grow older and their minds continue to develop.

You can watch this, and many other animated nursery rhymes videos on Mum Mum TV. You can subscribe to their channel to get all of the latest children’s nursery rhymes videos.

Fun for All Ages

These are fun songs that are suitable for children of all ages. The animation follows along with the lyrics of the song. This makes it easy for children to pick up on what is coming next and sing along with you. Nursery rhymes are perfect to watch with your child or let them watch with friends in a group.

The Wheels On The Bus Lyrics for Long Road Trips

There are certain songs that kids love and parents love to hate. But as any good parent would, you bear it because your child is having a great time singing it, and best of all, it’s keeping them from dying of boredom on a long road trip.

Although listening to your children sing songs like John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, and The Wheels On The Bus lyrics for hours may seem like an impossible task, it’s a sacrifice you have to make if you want to be able to take your kids on long trips like this.

If you don’t think you can stand listening to your children sing these songs on repeat in the car, you have one other option…

Singing Along with Your Children

As much fun as your kids will have singing in the car and getting on your last nerve, they would like it even more if you joined in on the song. Rather than resist them, embrace the annoyance of the songs and join in with them.

Your children will love watching and singing these songs with you. You can have fun and make it an interactive experience for them. Examine your surroundings and come up with your own phrases to add to the song as you drive. Think of things that they enjoy and incorporate them into the verses as you sing with them.

Ask your children if they have any favorites before you go on your trip. If they don’t, pick out a song and work on it with them. They will love learning a new song with you and being able to sing it loudly out the windows as you embark on your long road trip together as a family.

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Christmas Songs for Kids and Adults That Everyone Will Enjoy

As far back as you can remember, Christmas songs have been dominating the airwaves from Thanksgiving eve, until Christmas day finally arrives. For whatever reason, it doesn’t quite feel like the holiday season until we hear those first Christmas carols playing on the radio.

It’s so common these days, it has become a tradition to look forward to as each winter comes and goes. Between all of the great Christmas songs for kids and adults that we have to listen to, there are plenty of songs for everyone to enjoy.

Why Do We Love Holiday Songs?

You can’t call it a holiday season without playing Christmas carols. There are many reasons why we have grown so fondly of these songs. They are songs that everyone is familiar with and they carry so many good memories along with them. They promote the holiday and family spirit in a way that everyone can appreciate.

Holiday Songs Bring Back Familiarity

We hear these songs every holiday season. The reason we will keep hearing them in the future is the same reason we have heard them so many times in the past. These are classics that everyone loves.

The best Christmas carols are catchy, but not intrusive. They are easy to remember so we can all sing along, but at the same time, they don’t intrude on your family get-togethers. They mark the time of the year when families unite and exchange gifts with one another.

We Attached Good Memories to These Songs

When we reunite with our family and create new memories, these are the songs that are playing in the background. When we hear the sounds again, it brings back all of those warm fuzzy feelings.

Christmas songs for kids will always have a place in their hearts as they grow up. By exposing them to the songs when they are young, they will start to link these good memories to the songs at an earlier age. Songs like jingle bells, which you can find here

is a child favorite. Or, you can subscribe and watch all of the videos here Mum Mum TV Rhymes

What to Do After a Failed Business?

They say failure is inevitable. And it couldn’t be truer when it comes to startups.

According to the statistics released by the media industry – of which Kartikeya Sharma’s iTV Network has been a significant component – about 90% of all the startups in the US turning out to be a failure.

This speaks volumes about why you need to prepare yourself to handle a failure. So let us help you do that below.

Take a deep breath and relax

Failure is a part of an entrepreneur’s life. You shouldn’t be letting it affect you in a way that makes it harder for you to stand back up; to be successful again.

So do some deep breathing – it has scientifically been proven to help. Once you have calmed down, think of things that would make you feel happy and keep you feeling calm.

Maybe playing some sport? A walk in the park? Exercise and meditation, too, can often turn out to be very effective when dealing with the after-effects of a failure.

Your business was a failure, but not YOU!

Some failed business owners would simply hold themselves responsible for everything. Sure, they may have done a few things wrong, but then they aren’t the first or last entrepreneur to do that.

So stop taking the failure personally or thinking of yourself as a failure. It will help you big time in getting back to being yourself faster.

Start brainstorming

Once you’re feeling better again, you can start with some brainstorming that may prove crucial for your next venture. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What caused your business to fail?
  • Could you have done anything differently to save it from failing?
  • What have you learned from this experience?

Finally, remember that you must try to keep it positive. If you get into the negative aspects of things, it can become a larger emotional problem and also keep you from taking important lessons from the failure.

Anand Mishra- The Inspirational Entrepreneur

Anand Mishra, the CEO and founder of Star Infranet, is an inspirational personality if it comes to entrepreneurship or innovation. The CEO is not only known for his talent and potential, but also for highlighting the importance of online marketing strategy and supporting the media industry. Anand Mishra has a Bachelor of Computer Science Engineering degree and he founded the company Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited in 2010. The registered trademark of this company, Star infranet, is providing good support to build a perfect digital space for all the categories of the iTV network.

The importance of building a digital space:

The divisions of media industry that understood the importance of online marketing strategies and building a digital space have eventually become very successful. Some of the examples of rapid online development are the NewsX channel, India News, the Sunday Guardian, and the Aaj Samaaj newspaper. These divisions of iTV network reached new heights of success after they had built a digital space for themselves online.

Star Infranet started as an ordinary company and it didn’t have funds either, but soon it managed to get an investment and it started making profits. Anand Mishra had previous working experience at various managerial positions in different multinational companies in India and his experience helped the company climb the ladder of success. Now the company is one of the best companies in the IT industry of the country.

Currently, Anand Mishra is working on a new project which plans to open a chain of hotels in Delhi. To open the chain of restaurants in Delhi, the CEO has partnered with a global brand which is funded by FDI. Anand Mishra is also a member of ISKCON and he does charity work too alongside his time-consuming job in the IT industry.